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Financial Planning Process

Discover our processes for planning and investing – tailored to your individual needs.

Our Process

Every client we meet has slightly different financial needs and due to this we ensure that before offering any advice we take the time to listen to you and establish facts about your individual circumstances. We offer a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs in detail, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision about whether you would like to work alongside us.
- Establish the brief and your objectives- Discuss and explain the relationship- Confirm remuneration
- Record facts about you- Understand your circumstances- Consult with you on your attitude to risk (ATR)
- Establish your status because this will affect the advice and recommendations we make
- Research ideas and develop and present the most suitable alternative
- Implement the strategy agreed
- Review the strategy at least once a year and monitor the investments throughout the year
As Independent Financial Advisers, we are able to offer our clients advice on products from almost every financial product provider in the UK. Furthermore, we offer specialist advice in the field of investment, taxation, inheritance tax planning and trusts.
We leave no stone unturned when advising our clients. Whenever a financial transaction is entered into it usually impacts upon a previous financial transaction in some way. It is the relationship with each financial transaction and the holistic effect it has upon the overall financial position of our clients that we have the utmost regard for.
In order to deliver specific advice it is vital to financially understand a client. Through our relationships we always strive to further develop our understanding of our clients in order to make them aware of financial planning essentials, and financial instruments that take into account our clients needs, aspirations and attitude to risk.
Where an advice issue would be better dealt with by a Solicitor or an Accountant, we are quick to recommend that our clients take further advice from these other advisers.